First off, I need to remind y’all that this isn’t your regular blog. This is probably the most disorganized collection of data in a single website you might ever be unfortunate enough to come across. The free-flowing from the mind of a man often called mad. I say this now because I am about to talk about someone who I have never met and most of you don’t know yet. He goes by the name of BIGZ. What I do know though, is what I have seen and heard from video clips on YouTube. I write this today because it angers me that an IMMENSELY talented young man in his 20’s would still be under the radar while rappers like Drake as good as he may be, enjoys somewhat undeserved hype. I’ll tell you the little I know of Bigz because quite frankly I can’t be asked to google out details not in my head at this time, that’s your job as the readers of this blog. My job is to recommend what to look for.

Bigz is a greatly talented rap artist born to Nigerian parents in London. A few years ago when he was 22 yrs-old, he released a song called “Cor Blimey” with a decent video. It got great air play on MTV as well as other notable TV stations. After that I hadn’t heard anything else from him until a few months ago in a video with song titled “Flygeria” where he lyrically murdered the song. Suffice to say that I didn’t recognize him as the same heavy set young black male of ‘Cor Blimey” fame. Time takes toll. He looked more mature and his lyrics were MUCH less playful. Impressed, that video of course led me to keep searching related links and videos and what I stumbled on was extensive footages of Bigz freestyling on streets and studios. The boy has the kind of flow and lyrical proficiency that can easily be linked and compared to the late Notorious B.I.G. That’s a lot to say… I know… but the boy is a lyrical monster in the fashion of England’s Hip Hop Grime style. (Grime = rap flows with heavy London accents as popularized by artists like Mike ‘The Streets” Skinner, So Solid Crew and others). Shall I continue?

I am at a loss for words to tell you with text how impressed I was at EVERY single rap line I have heard from Bigz while snooping him out on the web. Below are a few link to get you started on a young man who I believe should be much much more in the music industry. I have no doubt he will do big things in the future. This is not an issue of me helping Bigz career with my blog traffic but instead how I’m helping my blog traffic to a slice of Bigz… because I think you need to know. Listen to his material I have embedded here and at your own time go on YouTube.com and impress yourself with more stuff. If I were his manager, I’d tell him to move to back to Nigeria, hook up with a dope ass producer and inch towards his international crown. (hint, hint… move to Naija, Bigz… it PAYS.)


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