Well it looks like Christmas came early for Jake Gyllenhaal female fanatics. Jake and his girlfriend, Actress Reese Witherspoon have officially split. He’s been spotted recently looking rather cheerful in the past week. No need to ask who did the dumping I guess.

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  1. moses Ebite says:

    Awwwww poor Ress!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    LOL..She is bitch anyways. Hard to del with on the set yet alone in a relationship

  3. Monisha says:

    My gosh, he is beautiful!

  4. Monisha says:

    and o.m.g they broke up!
    oh they were SO adorable!

  5. miss b says:

    Oh lord, this babe is obviously insatiable, married to two of the finest women in hollywood, one of whom was your high school sweetheart and you have two kids with, i think she might need to check herself…..tut tut

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