Word has it that late Casey Johnson (heiress to the Johnson & Johnson Empire who died just days ago) and close friend Tila Tequila were allegedly involved in stealing clothing, jewelry and a handbag from Casey’s ex-girlfriend Jasmine. The LAPD did actually find some of the supposed missing items at the home of Casey Johnson who agreed to return the “Louis Vuitton clutch” if the police did not enter the house for further search. LAPD filed for a search warrant just weeks before Casey’s untimely demise. I guess the moral of the story is, even though a girl’s family is worth close to $90 billion, her friend’s LV handbag will ALWAYS look delicious. Now the rest of you everyday girls can carry on this behavior knowing that it is perfectly normal. 😉

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One Response to GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS… I guess.

  1. JoaR says:

    lol, I think the dead girl just got into some mess she couldn’t handle. We everyday people adapt quite easily to struggles but unfortunately she was brought up in the Johnson family, use to the “rich & famous” lifestyle until her parents cut her off when she hooked up with tila and started doing drugs and all that good stuff. Like the report stated, the house was a mess, gas&electric had been cut off, and animal feces was everywhere…who lives like that? how about getting a JOB and trying to support your damn self (even if its so alien to u).

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