As the ongoing war brews between the smart phones, the cream has obviously risen to the top… dare i say the iPhone? This app continues to demonstrate the ongoing innovative capabilities of Apple and its products. There is no word on if this App will be available on “Crackberry”… so bragging rights belong to iPhone for now. But its all good. No more cashless bets, no more “Dude, I don’t have cash on me right now… ATM.” Amen to the end of IOU’s.

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2 Responses to PAYBACK TIME

  1. badass says:

    mehh…all this one na WAEC
    dude, write me a cheque(…or something), take my chair
    the couch as an example was a bad idea

  2. JoaR says:

    Hmm….its a pretty sweet app even though i most likely would prefer cash. But being that my phone is jailbroken, I wonder if it matters?

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