I’m not theorizing anything but I can’t help but notice the trend of Hollywood suicides in the span of less than a month. Now, to the public eye it would appear as though fashion designer Alexander McQueen (hanging) kicked it off 2 weeks ago, followed by Growing Pains star Andrew Koenig (hanging) a few days ago and finally Marie Osmond‘s son, Micheal’s plunge from his apartment building last night.

(Marie Osmond of 70s’ TV show Donny & Marie fame). BUT, I want to point out new evidence that has come to light on the Brittany Murphy incident. I may not be that good at math but I do know that something about Brittany reducing a bottle of 120 Vicodin pills to 11 Vicodin pills in precisely 11 days after purchase doesn’t quite add up for me (Note that possession of the meds for 11 days should not suggest that she didn’t take 109 of those pills within her last 11 minutes). Noone is speculating anything, I’m just saying. What is so wrong with these peoples lives that need taking? I mean aren’t these the people the world has set as the standard of success or at worst… promise? Is the pursuit of happiness really the pursuit of the grim reaper? Is the road to heaven wedged with headstones? Given my extreme strife for success, I’d like to know so I can decide to become a bum and live forever. Again, I’m just saying. 😦

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  2. Achebe Uzo says:

    Simi Alofoje,……big up really!

    Dont really get that brittany stuff as well.

    Its upsetting to think that after all that hard work to become a star,….she’ll exit on pills.

    I mean come on,……smtn has got to give!!!!!!

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