The Tourist is an upcoming film project starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. But while being an extremely promising financial venture, there is gossip bubbling from everywhere. Society is abuzz with talks of how Jolie will snatch up Depp romantically in the same fashion she acquired Brad years ago on set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. While it is quite a silly rumor to float around, it’s not entirely ridiculous. Angelina, like a fictional “supercop” always gets her man. Production has begun and I doubt Depp can out now but it is CONFIRMED that there will be intense lovemaking in this flick. And this is why Johnny’s long time girlfriend has blatantly asked him to quit his role in the film. You say “insecure bitch”, I say chess player. She is merely moving her Knight (or pirate) out of the way of the queen… or whatever, I don’t play chess much. But she must do what Laura Dern and Jennifer Aniston failed to do… MOVE THE KNIGHT!!!!

Harmless days

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2 Responses to THE TOURIST

  1. BoomQuisha says:

    Don’t get me wrong… I love me some Angie, fearless, fearsome, beautiful, bitch, mother, icon…. However “chess player” or not I suppose it will boil down to seeing if Mr. Depp has the mettle to resist the “she-devil” (can’t help conjuring images of “Grendle’s Mother,” see Beowulf) allure of this woman. If it works out he has the immortal power to overcome the “Jolie” effect, then perhaps he may just infact be worthy of a seat in the hall of gods… or maybe ” Ice Cold Playa of the Year Award” to turn THAT down!! 😉

    .. Go Depp!! Fight tha Powa!

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