SPARTACUS: Blood and Sand is a television series by the STARZ Network. At first glance one may see it as a rip off of Ridley Scott’s GLADIATOR and Zack Snyder’s 300 combined. And while this may be a credible accusation if you must, I implore you to recognize this show as the best rip-off ever attempted.

SPARTACUS boasts the plot depth of Gladiator, the action style and special effects of 300, extreme violence, extreme profanity, extreme nudity and extreme sexual content (+ one additional part extreme violence) to give us a potent mix of an experience I have never witnessed on television. Like a video game on steroids. Remember how you enjoyed 300? Picture watching a different one every Wednesday. Yeah… I know, right?

Production is excellent, the storyline is very engaging, the profanity is strangely appropriate, the music is epic, the sexual content is humbling, the special effects as good as any television series should muster. Bottom line, not to take away from 24, Heroes, Lost and the rest of them, but this is by far my best of them all.  It is STRICTLY for adults. SPARTACUS: Blood and Sand is extreme in its every element so that at the start of every episode, there is a written warning notice to excuse the extremities. But trust me, the experience is extremely gratifying to non-hypocrites.

Lenny recommends it. Scratch that… Lenny commands it. If you don’t have STARZ on cable, fear not, wait till Season 1 concludes and get it on DVD… You’re welcome… for thanking me in the future that is. You guys know the last time I wrote a blog this long about any media was the night before AVATAR premiered. And look what happened to that.

NOTE: This series is not for the weak hearted… ah fuck it, it’s worth the cardiac arrest.

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  1. badass says:

    it’s crazy…that’s all i can say
    like SMH crazy

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