Ooh, ooh... I want shoe. 🙂

There are few things in life God does to make a statement. Observe the person in the picture above. Male, observed. In his seventies, observed.  Hispanic heritage, observed. But after all this, you probably haven’t observed him to be the current richest man on the planet. And his money is going only one direction of late. UP. Giving a bigger gap between him and WRM #2, William “Bill” Gates. I say Irony because the expectation of Mexicans in the United States is commonly (and foolishly) limited to the levels of handymen, maids and government workers at best. Hence the stereotyping of Mexicans portrayed in most movies today as servants and such (not to mention the snide references one can witness on a real-life daily). Yet, here sits Carlos Slim Helu, a 70 year old Mexican man, at the top of the world financially. You look in his eyes and can almost tell there are a couple hundred people in the course of his existence he’d LOVE to say “Fuck you” to right now. Congratulations Lord Slim. You make me very happy.

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