Dear Mr. Stern (and the corny bitch in the background),

We have heard your words about Ms. Gabourey  Sidibe and her Oscar nomination, quite bravely spoken in the confines of your studio and with all due respect sir, you’re an idiot. Click here if you’ve forgotten the sick words you used.

I say “idiot” not to be rude, but because for someone so immersed in Hollywood to determine the success of an actresses future in entertainment based on her weight, it eludes us as to how you have not heard of the following “fat” faces that have helped mold history in the world of show business.

I’ll give you a few not because there aren’t dozens of examples but because I am NOT your teacher or parent. Let the rest be your take home assignment. Thank God for the internet, I won’t have to send this to your home mailbox. All you need to do is move your mouse when your publicist texts you about this.

.John Candy

.Chris Farley

.John Goodman

.Queen Latifah

.Christopher Wallace

.Rosanne Barr

.Melissa Elliott

.Luciano Pavarotti

.Oprah Winfrey

.Jennifer Hudson

.Cedric The Entertainer

.Timothy Mosley

.James Gandolfini

.And yes, even in an industry where ONLY sexy could work there was Sir Ron Jeremy.

I’m a young man, but old enough to know that Hollywood will always have a place for ANY size, shape or color of person and that success has a way of putting these over-eaters back in shape. Ask Oprah. And again, with all due respect, you’re not so hot yourself. I’m just saying.

P.S. I have an excellent body and physique. And so does my entire family. This letter is NOT coming from a difficult place. Gabbie is 26. Tis YOU who should get a life. Asshole.

Yours truly,


(or Defender of Anything Oppressed if you will)

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  1. Eyimife says:

    Damn right Simz….this guy is a moron!

  2. Eyimife says:

    …oh nd the other bitch….MSCHEW!

  3. joya says:

    Thank you Jay, for putting him in his rightful place. Truly, he is an ASSHOLE… just ask his sista SIDEKICK, she knows how it taste.

  4. oneflygal says:

    I hope you sent this.. did he get it.

  5. oneflygal says:

    you forgot charlie caplin

  6. oneflygal says:

    opps! charlie chaplin

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