If I were to choose my favorite music act across all genres, spanning from Jay-Z to Daft Punk to Radiohead to Rihanna, I would have to pick Coheed and Cambria. So if I say they are my best band, I am not speaking of the rock/metal genre. I am referring to music as a whole. Though not entirely popular or mega-stars yet, they have an enormous underground yet global following especially in the United States though I have since met only 2 Americans who know them.

The band members hail from New York and have been on the music scene since 1995 and are currently with SonyBMG. I discovered them in 2007 and haven’t been able to listen to much else since then. If you do not enjoy music of this sort, do not bother at all. But if you dabble in the occasional Greenday or Metallica (being 2 extremes as it is), then give C&C a listen. Their music is characterized by heavy but melodic guitar riffs and the voice of the lead singer is unique in that without reading this, you can’t tell for sure if it’s a male or a female singing. That was my initial intrigue with this band. I was slightly confused. And the sound of the guitars…? Very Zeppelin.

They have almost created a genre on their own and defied many laws of music (if there were ever any). Their progression is not the standard, verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-end. No sir. These guys create music as though it were a movie. Their songs start somewhere, finish somewhere else completely and is almost devoid of any repetition, be it the instrumentals or lyrics such that their music can be said to mostly lack “choruses”. This is probably due to the fact that they are not singing songs per se but rather melodically narrating stories which begin at Track 1 and end at album finish. Coupled with all their albums are novels and comic books mostly written by the band leader himself Claudio Sanchez. He is said to be singing his comics out loud.

Weird… or just fucking brilliant? Who cares. I have purchased ALL the albums in question and somehow, they’ve been on repeat for 2 years now.

Coheed and Cambria are set to release their 5th studio album on April 13, 2010. I am breathing heavy in anticipation. This is the one band I don’t care if they ever go mainstream. Maybe there are a few things that should remain of selective taste. It’s either for you or it ain’t.

This is one of their most popular songs. Epic shit. (You may recognize it as the background music of the trailer for the 2009 Tim Burton produced animated movie “9“). Also the song that got me listening to C&C in the first place. And since then, all a girl getting me into bed has required was buying me a Coheed and Cambria concert ticket. 😉

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  1. Georgy T says:

    Hehehe, good to see you still listen to their music 😉 . I still remember the day I showed them to you, you went crazy haha.

  2. Jay says:

    Ah yesss. 🙂

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