The good news is a God of War movie is set for release sometime later this year. What I’m not so confident about is that Universal (I’d rather it was Warner Bros.) has chosen director of X-Men: The Last Stand, Brett Ratner to bring this overly successful video game to life. Brett also directed the Rush Hour series so while still half way through God Of War 3 video game that came out last week, my main concern is that Universal and Ratner may find a way to take this ultra-violent story and turn into a family friendly movie. They might turn the blood fest and sexy babes eye candy carnival into marshmallows just so they can take money from 7 years old movie goers as well. The gods be damned. I will not stand for it. The real question is who will they cast as Kratos? I’ve heard a few suggestions like The Rock, Jason Statham and Djimon Honsou but neither of them can pull it off in my opinion. The best idea I have heard so far is WCW Champion William Goldberg… but can he fucking act though? We’ll let the gods decide.

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