While it’s no nude new thing to see Kim K‘s wobbly bits, it kinda never gets old so I thought I’d help direct you fans to the “The post-Bush Tush” in her latest naked photo gallery exclusive to only this month’s BAZAAR magazine. NOT ONLINE. Yes… magazines still have certain unique benefits over the internet. (In the same way the internet cannot replace cinemas in the business of “new” films). Here are a few old photos in the memory lanes of Iron Woman, Kim Stark (naked). Enjoy. 🙂

Note:  CHER is still the hottest Armenian human in showbiz. I’m just saying, Kim can strip and sex tape all she wants, it doesn’t make any difference to the balance of the force.

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  1. gorgeous brownskin says:

    You have a lot of bile for this woman…. I wonder why…
    Only thing I have to say is… U can describe Kim’s body as anything, but definately not “wobbly bits”…DEFINATELY NOT!!!!!!!……….

  2. Lami Seun says:

    I don’t even feel its right to mention what I want to do to this woman. DAMN.

  3. Arome says:

    Thank you Jay!

  4. Segun says:

    Truer words have never been spoken! 🙂

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