Well, science tells us that biologically, the offsprings of black and white parents will be very frequently more good looking than the rest of us. What science hasn’t told us if it somehow helps these offsprings make history easier than the rest of us. So these are just MY favorite halflings. Go list yours someplace else. 🙂

15. Actor Vin Diesel

14. Award Winning Guitarist Tom Morello of RATM & Audioslave. This is my personal god of guitars.

13. Dame Shirley Bassey (yes, half Nigerian) is the Government approved singer for James Bond movie opening themes if there were such a thing. (See Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever).

12. Actor Wentworth Miller of Prison Break fame.

11. Diva and pop star Mariah needs no introduction.

10. Actress Jessica Alba in her popular role in Sin City.

9. Alicia fucking Keys. Period.

8. Lenny Kravitz. Rock star.

7. Actress Halle Berry. The woman who guided me through puberty.

6. Actress Jennifer Beals. The L word. Nuff said.

5. The original Lenny Kravitz. Rock star extraordinaire. Jimmy Hendrix.

4. The reason behind prop 420. The King. Bob marley.

3. Drizzy... Drake. Rapper & R&B singer.

2. The man who broke history. Mr. President. My friend Barry.

1. SADE. My angel, (again, yes, half Nigerian) and diva of all divas.

So people, there you have it. Now go forth and be fruitful… with another race for a fucking change. Mkay?

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