Just a few facts that caught my attention while watching James Cameron’s monster movie AVATAR and it’s few things in common with THE MATRIX.

1. The Matrix was the most ground breaking movie experience of our generation in 1999 only overshadowed by Avatar in 2009. 10 years later.

2. Color code of The Matrix movie is predominantly green. Avatar is predominantly blue.

3. Heroes Neo & Jake Sully both started off ordinary in the movies and had to BECOME heroes through painful development.

4. Both extremely hard to kill, villain Col. Quatrich looks like Agent Smith with white hair.

5. Both movies have religious undertones with the hero as a Messiah (chosen one) figure.

6. Both films are and will be a trilogy. (3-part saga)

7. Both stories feature robots driven as vehicular tank exo-skeletons.

8. Both heroes are in exaggerated romances with their leading ladies with that ridiculous “You-have-never-seen-love-like-this” intensity.

9. The real adventure in both films required the hero jacking/logging into his 3D/digital character.

10. The teams in both movies were compromised in sleep state by an enemy while jacked into the alternate worlds.

11. Both films begin with our heroes desperately sought out to replace/substitute an original deceased version of themselves.

12. Both heroes towards the end of the movie were saved after death or near death by their leading ladies in tears.

13. Both films were an Ozzfest. The Matrix filmed in New Zealand. The Matrix filmed in Australia.

14. Both heroes had fell in love with women who kick MAJOR ass.

15. Both movies now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Enjoy.

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  1. freddieking says:

    aren’t the lead actors of the movies australian too?

  2. Jay says:

    Keanu is from Hawaii.

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