A few weeks back, Nicki Minaj tweeted an apology for her absence on the line-up of the Rihanna “Last girl on earth” tour. Many fans didn’t get it then because it appeared there was never a mention of Nicki on the promo in the first place. Just Ke$ha. Well, some news has come to light on the matter. It appears Nicki Minaj was in fact scheduled to be on that tour and with every confidence of the people behind it that she would be a HUGE earner for their line-up but at some point Rihanna DEMANDED that Nicki be removed from the concert. Inside info says while Rihanna’s career has peaked and at this point anticipates a downward trend, Nicki however, is on the rise and perhaps would to a great extent steal Rihanna’s shine at her own show.

This is the said reason Rihanna refused to go on tour with Nicki Minaj (can’t blame her though). After all this had been said and done, Nicki called Rihanna on phone and let’s just say VERY ugly words were exchanged. So for those of us, myself included, who might have been anticipating a Rihanna/Nicki Minaj studio collaboration can forget it. At least for a while. Why can’t women EVER get along? Even when they are selling 2 different products. Annoying.

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  1. omo ade says:

    Am not a Nicki fan but ill say this Rihanna is a big bitch and she need to sit her basic azz down. Rihanna fell on stage a few weeks ago just on stage walking around and modeling and ot entertaining. That girl is done, now people seeing through her fake mess. She got to the height of her career because she milked her DV situation so that success did not come from hard work. After all she is still strugling with her album sales that have failed…thank God for rude boy but after that #NEXT.
    Who cares if she dont wanna tour with Nicki? Rihanna is done…NO ONE CHECKING FOR RIHANNA…she has gotten to the peak of her reign and its all over for her. Nicki is the business and people are checking for Nicki. Rihanna’s tour sucks anyway. she could not entertain her fans. She can not sing nor dance..she is just pathetic. Obvioulsy i dislike Rihanna so you can tell where this is coming from #teambreezy in tha house representing the rest #yerdme

  2. john says:

    Mr levanne do you honestly believe nicki minaj is extremely talented, not hating just asking.

  3. That’s bullshit ! Rihanna nicki are gd friends ! Cha with ya bull shit mayn. rihanna is still peaking and will do for many more years come on how she on the downs of her. Carear … Hello Loud tour !! Loud album !! Talk that talk album !! Battleship movie ! TTT tour next year . Plz continue to h8 girl just gonna keep going .

    • E says:

      I think nicki minaj is a bitch. She may be talented, but her music has never entertained me. I hate her, cant stand her songs, her voice, or her facial expressions. She looks like transsexual. Rihanna is so much better in my opinion. Rihanna will be around for a long time, but nicki minaj will fade away eventually just like lil Kim and all the other female rap artists.

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