My name is Jay Lenny Levanne. I am an aspiring Hollywood writer, producer and actor with an eye for perfection as well as an abysmal and indefatigable fire for ambition. This is my official blog. These are my thoughts, my daily experiences, my desires, my jokes, my ambitions and my recommendations among other things. You may find them interesting and at best you may find them helpful in various ways. I am styling it in form of an electronic magazine if you can call it that.

I am also an event planner/club promoter in Hollywood and handle over 10 events across the hottest spots in the city every month, so you will also get updates about my events before they occur and respective photos after they occur.

This is all new to me so even I hardly know what to expect on here. ALL material will be spontaneous and unplanned. Everyday will be a surprise for you as it is for me. I will publish the events of my brain and environment as they unfold. Welcome to my wacky 2-dimensional reality show.

Yours fucking truly,


Dec. 15, 2009.

21 Responses to About

  1. Dayo says:

    love ur site

  2. moe says:

    Hmmmm!!!!! simi simmzzz long way you’ve come here..Keep it up and sky is your limit…if u just happen to get tired..rem those that called u the &*^%%%% of silverbird cinemas and get ur ass working..You will thump at them and say ‘look at me’
    Nice one bro

  3. JZ says:

    Nice one Simzzyla!
    I always knew there was something unique about you. You have proved that your spontaneous ideas aint seasonal. Your consistency is confirmed. I applaud your efforts. Keep it up bro.

  4. Jay says:

    Jeez. Thanks Ironbar 🙂

  5. UAM says:

    super simmz again!!! gotta love it

  6. james says:

    nice one jay kip it up ur so current with this man

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jay even at this extent u still remain an inspiration to me…there is no way i aint gonno work with you..lol
    keep the fire burning

  8. jide olufeko says:

    Jay even at this extent u still remain an inspiration to me…there is no way i aint gonno work with you..lol
    keep the fire burning

  9. Meg says:

    I will like to be a contributor to ur electronic mag, if u like u can email me back, i live on long island in new york, i really do enjoy ur thougts. keep it up.

  10. Brandon Jose says:

    Nice one bro, keep it up

  11. mendoe says:

    Bruv, loving this I know this has always been your dream mate; cool to see though. This has just given me a way to actually launch out mate. Cool kudos man…………

  12. Jay says:

    Thanx a lot bro. 🙂

  13. chioma says:

    Wow!,my cheeks hurt but in a good way though cos I just can’t stop smiling for you,I’m like so proud of you…you are an epitome of willpower,I’m your no1 fan…

  14. Aisha says:

    Hey nice one simi, i didnt even know the Jay Lenny was YOU!!! just been gettin updates and stuff on my wall, so decided to click on it, imagine my surprise!!! Really impressed…..

  15. Jay says:

    Thanx a lot babe. 😉

  16. gorgeous brownskin says:

    I’v been following your blog/mind for a while now and I gotta say… I’m in luv with ur mind, how it works and ur expressions…. I just simply luv it….
    I dont dig or get evtn you blog about, but Its just the way you express urself dat got me…
    Just rmba dat we females come on here too, so easy up wit the “Lenny’s angels” or make it even and give us something worth looking at too…..lol..
    Keep it up dude…

  17. gorgeous brownskin says:

    Oh….and how do we view ur previous “statuses”??…

  18. Leo says:

    Hey Simzzzzzzz, Been watchin your progress and I can see you’ve come a long way from Road 12, you’ve obviously got talent and flair and have a great future ahead of you and you’re in the right place to make it work!!! All I can say is keep up the Hustle!!! Fame is Knockin at your door.

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